C3V docs

Full tutorial on C3V usage.


This tutorial is meant to give you a full insight on the usage of C3V, and even some basic information on how the program itself works. You can either use the menu above to go to the topic you want to go to (which is just for when this expands), or you can just read the whole tutorial, it's on you.


After using the default shortcut to copy, CTRL + C:
To store strings of text, you use keyboard shortcut CTRL + S. An easy way to remember it, and in fact, the way I designed was, the fact that S stands for "Store". C3V will automatically store the text and prepare it for pasting.

Storing / Retrieving order

To know to to retrieve, first we need to know: How does C3V store the text? Well, first, to store, it just stores the text in order. Each text has an id. So you copy a text from a website, to go C3V, do CTRL + S, it stores, and since this is the first string of text you store (given you've just started the program), it will have an id of 1, right? Wrong. It actually has an index of 0, so it is the 0"st" text. So 0 is first, 1 is second and so on. So to retrieve, we need to input the id, and use the retrieve shortcut, specified in the next section:


Let's go straight to it. CTRL + R. But first, select the id of the text you cant to retrieve. Once done, just use the default shortcut: CTRL + V